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The Shadow Warriors: Chapter 1
Chapter 1
My name is Terry Corbett, and I’m a Japanaphile.
What’s a Japanaphile?  Someone who loves all things Japanese, of course.  And that’s a real word.  Completely not made up.
I think I was 10 when I realized that I loved Japan.  Martial arts, anime, video games, cars.  All of the best came from Japan.  Even my best friend was Japanese.  Fujiko Kobayashi.  She’s full-blooded Japanese, though she was born in America.  I’ve known her since Kindergarten, so her being Japanese was just an interesting coincidence.
Fujiko and I are complete opposites.  She embraces America almost as much as I embrace Japan.  She wants to be a famous artist and actress.  Me, I’m a math and science geek, so engineer is my best shot.  She watches dramas on cable.  I’m an otaku with more anime DVDS than any one person should ha
:icontcorbett691:tcorbett691 7 11
The Shadow Warriors: Prologue
“Where is the crystal?  I know you have it, and I suggest you give it to me.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.  Now, leave!”
He stood between Fujiko and I and…whoever this guy was.  In that instant, he was far more intimidating than the kindly old man I’ve known for so long.
“Grandfather, what’s going—Ah!”  I never saw him move, but suddenly the stranger had Fujiko!
“Mr. Kobayashi, I would suggest you give me the crystal.  After all, I wouldn’t want anything to happen to your lovely granddaughter here.”
“Let.  Her.  GO!”  In a rage, I rushed him without thinking.  With his free hand, he backhanded me like I was nothing.  I went flying backwards, crashing into the exhibit for the Kobayashi Sword.
“Wait!  Fine, you win.  You can have it.  Just don’t
:icontcorbett691:tcorbett691 5 8
My mind washes over your image
  in slow waves of grace
and conjures such warmth and compassion
    like the tiniest of birds! with a fast beating heart
in my sleep.
                         you are my ghost
        well, I suppose I can allow
this longing-full haunting
  of a long ago loss
             it is familiar.
:iconniennaswift:NiennaSwift 1 2
I'm with the vampire Ch 2
“Sam,” my dad said poking his head into my room. I sat in my chair looking through the books my dad had bought me. Surprisingly it wasn’t that bad of a selection.
“Make sure you keep an I on your brother. Your mother and I need to go get some groceries, so we’ll be back in about 2 hours will you be okay until then?”
“Ya dad, just don’t expect to see Ryan scratch free when you get back,” I said sarcastically. He gave me a stern look and I returned it with a smile.
“Just make sure he doesn’t get lost or do one of his insane experiments.” I saluted as my father closed the door. Once I heard the door closed I sat back and sighed. There was no way to get away from this if my parents were always going to be around, except for groceries.
Slam! I shot up hearing a loud noise coming from my brother’s room.
“Ryan what are you doing?” I said banging on his door.
Silence I opened the door to find an empty room.
:iconmisswriter1793:misswriter1793 1 5
I Smile
I look up into the rain
I laugh silently to myself
How different it is when I really feel loved
How different it is to know that someone cares
Soaked to the bone, I smile
The wind blows, I smile
I shiver, I run, I smile
I smile
:iconsolong-notgoodnight:SoLong-NotGoodNight 3 2
Sneaking around
like a CAT
what to do-
i'll never know
becuase you are inside my mind
i try so hard to forget
what i swore whould never happen
has started agian
i'll never know
becuase of the way you sneak inside my head
I dont know how ill
get out of here
get you out of here
i'll never, ever know
becuase you are-now and always-inside my head.
little cat-you little cat...
:iconsolong-notgoodnight:SoLong-NotGoodNight 2 12
Down the path
Draker than the rest
you urn.
though you'er scared-
you want to be teh best
so you run
They say that you have it-
the ambitoin, the drive.
so you run
they tell you can do better
so to stay alive
you run
down teh path
so much darker than the others
you'll run
You'll put on you show
to win yet another
you run.
:iconsolong-notgoodnight:SoLong-NotGoodNight 2 12
About a Break-Up Ch. 5
     “I take it you two know each other.” Robert stated but was ignored by the two.
     “I can not believe I'm touring with someone as incompetent as you!” Dominic yelled.
     “Wow Dominic, I'm surprised you know a word as big as incompetent!” Brenda shot back.
     “I'm surprised you've made it this far in the music industry.” Dominic bit out, “It's a dog eat dog world and I'm shocked you haven't broken down and quit!”
     “What's that suppose to mean?” Brenda asked.
     “Oh you know what means.” Dominic replied back, “It means that you can't take the lies that the tabloids spit out ever single day!”
     “Tabloid trash is that, it's TRASH!” Brenda yelled as she stood on her tip toes to reach Dominic's eye level which sh
:iconrebelnijamaster:rebelnijamaster 1 2
About a Break-Up Ch. 4
     Brenda walked into the house and sighed. Her least favorite person in the whole world was next door to her. She cringed at the thought of him. She cringed at the thought of knowing that she was wrong when they broke up. She cringed at what his first remarks were going to be when they first saw each other. She hated the fact that he was right, and she was wrong and it only took a year and half to two years for her to be proved wrong.
     It was now Friday after noon and she and the rest of Chick Chat where going to be going to the record company soon to find out who they were touring with and to meet the band. Brenda had been praying that they wouldn't be opening for 3D. She hoped it'd be someone else, anyone else other then 3D. She would go crazy if she had to spend four months on tour with them... especially Dominic.
     “Brenda!” Sabrina exclaimed as she nearly tackled her friend.
:iconrebelnijamaster:rebelnijamaster 2 4
About a Break-Up Ch. 3
     “They're our next door neigh-” Arianna started to say again.
     “I know what you said!” Brenda snapped. She was furious now. Her three least favorite people in the whole world were living next door to her (or where she would soon be living).
     “So, I take it you're not to happy about this?” Arianna replied. She looked over at Sabrina who was sitting comfortably in a chair playing Guitar Hero.
     “Happy!? No. I am not happy at all!” Brenda ranted. “Why didn't that relater tell us who was next door?”
      Arianna sighed. “She probably didn't know.” She told her friend, “And besides, in a month we'll be on tour so you won't even be near him.”
      Brenda sighed. She was going to be living next door to her least favorite p
:iconrebelnijamaster:rebelnijamaster 1 3
About a Break-Up Ch. 2
     “Would you get away from the window and help me unpack some of these boxes?” Arianna snapped at her friend.
     “I'm sorry.” Sabrina apologized as she let the sheer curtain fall back in place. “You know me and how I like to watch people. Oh by the way, our neighbors just got into a limo.” She said in a perky tone. That was typical Sabrina Main. She was always perky but it was never over the top. She was also the one to go to when you needed your spirits lifted. She was the glue to the group as a lot of people said.
     Arianna laughed. “Two things. One, we ARE in the part of Malibu where the celebrities live, so there's bound to be a lot of limos on the street and two, do you have any idea how stalkerish that sounded?”
     “I guess it was sort of stalkerish.” Sabrina replied. “I wonder who our neighbors are though and
:iconrebelnijamaster:rebelnijamaster 1 2
About a Break-Up Ch. 1
     “Oh wow, that show was awesome last night!”
     “I know! Everyone was jumping around and singing along. It was so amazing!”
     “Amazing is an understatement dude.”
     “Good point.”
     “Have any of you seen Dom anywhere?” Tessa asked. Tessa, was the personal chef of 3D, the hottest band in the country at the moment. 3D consisted of Dominic Rago, his twin brother Damien, and Darrin Backus. “Because I have pancakes here that are getting cold!” Tessa exclaimed. She always hated it when the boys never ate her food.
     “Dude's probably still asleep.” Damien answered.
     “Is is safe to sleep as much as he does?” Darrin wondered out loud.
     Damien looked at Darrin and rolled his eyes. Darrin was defi
:iconrebelnijamaster:rebelnijamaster 2 9
Breathe again
I try so hard-
you have no idea
but it hurts too much-
my lungs are gone-
vanished, removed.
I tried so hard-
you have no idea
but you hurt me so much-
my heart is broken
peices, dismembered.
I try so hard
you have no idea
but the memories hurt too much
my air doesnt come-
i'll never breathe again.
:iconsolong-notgoodnight:SoLong-NotGoodNight 3 9



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Ahh! Salam and good evening to you worthy friend. (( Aladdin )) Welcome to the Writing-Club! Im glad youve come to join us here! I welcome all new and old members who are coming. Please! Take a look around, enjoy the sights, join up with us. Were fun, I promise!</i>

Well, if we are running this club you probably wanna know more about us right?!

Club Founder and Administrator: JesiMarie

Co-Administrator: dp2007
My name is Daniel. I am a writer and photographer. I am 15 years old and live in Colorado. I believe the purpose of a club is to be able to recieve feed back from your fellow club members as well as meeting deviants who share your passion in your field of art. Feel free to contact me. My e-mail is I am always avaliable!!


If you'd like to submit some of your writing, just send a note with the link to it. Unlike most writing clubs, you can submit anything here. No themes, no limits, no whatever. Just send them in a note and I will put them up as soon as I can. You can submit Poetry and Prose. I ask though, if it has mature content to PLEASE explain in the note that there is mature content and how it needs to be marked. Thanks so much!


If you would like to affiliate, send a note/comment telling what your club is about and I will add you on as soon as I can.


1# You have to like writing.
2# No bashing members if they like a character/pairing that you don't.
3# Fave at original piece.
4# No stealing other people's writing.
5# No tagged letters.
6# No chain letters.


If you have any other questions, note the club, or here at my account, JesiMarie


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